• America and guns

    The ban on assault weapons, established by Bill Clinton in 1994 and voted by a then Democrat congress, has expired today without generating much tears amongst proeminent American politicians...

    This ban has cost their seats in Congress to many democrats back in 1994, and I guess the ability to put 15 bullets into your neighbour's chest rather than 2 or 3 does make a difference in US politics...

    Why starting a blog with such a subject? And especially one called "Journal Africain"! It's a question of atmosphere: it helps me understand why an armored US helicopter shoots 2 missile in the middle of an unarmed crowd, to prevent them from stealing powder from an empty military vehicle.

    Well, I had to start somewhere: I have not yet identified my potential audience, so I'll write in English (sorry fellow French and Ivorian, and sorry for the probable mistakes in my English writting), and it also gives an indication of what I want to do with this blog: free thoughts on an endangered world, and more thoughts on what lays ahead for Africa (seen from a cosy office in Paris...)

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    Mardi 14 Septembre 2004 à 14:13
    Je suis le prem à laisser un post! Nanère!Welcome. Quelle compagnie pharmaceutique?
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